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A Regional Public Good called
Transport Gender Lab

How to become a member of TGL

Regional Public Good

The IADB Transportation Division launches the Regional Public Good called Transport Gender Lab to achieve the incorporation and strengthening of the gender perspective in transport. Regional Public Goods seek collective solutions and respond to measures and challenges through cooperation among member countries, with the ultimate goal of obtaining greater development benefits and at a lower cost.

What Moves Us

The aim of Transport Gender Lab is creating a network of cities to engage in a technical dialogue on gender mainstreaming in public transport.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is one of the main pillars of development for Latin America and the Caribbean and is also one of the institutional priorities at Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

In the transport sector, this translates into promoting actions and projects that include the gender perspective in the different phases of development, and have an appropriate representation of women in all the steps of the value chain in the sector.

11 Member Cities

Defined dimensions

Depending on the objectives defined for each initiative, these were classified in each dimension.


These initiatives generate and provide valid information for decision-making in the implementation of gender initiatives in transport. For example: studies and analysis, surveys, etc. They also include initiatives that generate knowledge through citizen participation, for instance, through the use of mobile applications, where the population collects and delivers data on safe spots, cases of violence, etc.

Awareness and Education

These initiatives seek to raise awareness and educate the population. This dimension includes communication and awareness campaigns, training for public officials, transport system operators and the general public.


It includes all those initiatives designed to achieve safe travel for women in public transportation systems. It may include: train cars and women-only units, whistles, buttons, messages and mobile assistance applications, control operations, action protocols for violence events, among others.

Employment Opportunities

These initiatives promote a greater participation of women in the sector. They may include the promotion of women as drivers of transport units, women as road agents and women in management, administration, and construction.

New Technology Tools

This dimension specifically includes those initiatives that use technology tools (for instance, messages and applications on mobile devices or websites) for either reporting, requesting immediate assistance, or generating knowledge.

Access to Justice

These initiatives allow and provide support in the complaint filing process in cases of gender-based violence in public transport and public spaces. It includes booths, mobile applications and websites for reporting, and, also the regulatory framework that supports the legal process.

Infrastructure with a Gender perspective

It includes initiatives consisting of practical interventions in public transport or public spaces to improve the quality of women’s travel.