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How to become a member of TGL

How to become a member of TGL

TGL is a network of 7 cities and 14 member institutions. Our goal is to continue expanding our network, to benefit the entire region. If you would like your city to be part of TGL, you must: (I) be a member country or be located in a member country of the Bank, (ii) address a formal letter of request to the Transport Division of the IADB, and (iii) the network of cities must approve the new member. Contact us here to learn more.

Regional Public Good

The Regional Public Goods Initiative (RPG) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is based on the premise that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) share numerous development challenges and opportunities that can be addressed more effectively and efficiently through regional collective action and cooperation. RPGs are understood as goods, services or resources that are produced and consumed collectively by the public sector and, if appropriate, the private, non-profit sector in a minimum of three borrowing member countries of the IADB.

The initiative focuses on RPG having the potential to generate significant benefits and positive spill-over effects. The spill-over effects can be expressed in terms of scope (the benefits extend beyond the sector where it was initially focused), and/or scale (the benefits extend beyond the initial group of countries).

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Becoming a member of TGL

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