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Buenos Aires
  • Population: 3.100.000
  • Land area: 203 km2
  • Daily Travelers: 5.137.532
Trips made by women

Gender Mainstreaming

In the case of the city of Buenos Aires, the gender-focused initiatives in transport have been implemented autonomously by Argentinian Railways (Trenes Argentinos, SOFSE) and the Buenos Aires Metro Company (Subterráneos de Buenos Aires, SBASE).

SOFSE, on the one hand, has advanced in knowledge through a pilot survey on gender violence, and it has also promoted a series of information campaigns on violence in public transport and how to act; and finally, it has developed a system of workshops to train its staff. On the other hand, SBASE also conducts annual user satisfaction surveys that include data segregated by gender and also specific data on gender violence and perception of insecurity in the system.

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